BandAge rock band from beirut 61



Nathalie J: Vocals

Roland Azar: Keyboard

Tony Abou Haydar: Drums

Rany Batikh: Bass guitar

Ralph Khoury: Lead Guitar

BandAge was founded by vocalist/songwriter Nathalie J.
and keyboardist/mixing engineer Roland Azar in 2003
since then, BandAge has thrilled audiences across Lebanon with their tremendous energy and their proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages.
Melding the essence of Classic Rock and in the styles of Whitesnake, Queen, Maroon 5, U2, The Doors, Bon Jovi , BB King, James Blunt, Bruno Mars and Simply Red, BandAge combines the very best of rock, pop, blues and new radio music, while entertaining and captivating audiences with their unique touch on covering songs in their own special way!

BandAge have collaborated with International Composer Grammy award winner Doug Katsaros (who wrote music for Rock Stars like Bon Jovi and KISS) on their previous single “No Answers” released in 2013
Please take your time to know more about the great Doug Katsaros here:

Media reviews:
[The band’s lineup is perfect and all the band members are skilled and great at what they do. They covered a lot of rock classics and they also covered a lot of bands that are loved by everyone. Everything was great about them: Their stage performance, their set-list and their communication with the crowd. This band has defied all expectations and they have earned a spot next to the best rock bands, if not the best rock band, in all the history of Lebanon. Thumbs up to Nathalie for her voice is truly astounding, no words can describe how good they were, probably the best band to perform in Summer Fusion]
Review on Summer Fusion 2010 by:

[At about 10:45 BandAge climbed on stage and the crowd was immediately responsive, many of them standing closer to the stage to feel the music. Not only did the band deliver their own unique blend of Rock covers and good mood but they brought back to life voices and sounds that haven’t been heard in so long by making several members of the scene join in]
Review on BandAge and Friends 2012 by:

Al-Akhbar newspaper about Forestronika

Some of the band’s performance highlights include the following:
Fete de la musique
AUB outdoors
Virgin Mega Store’s “Bringing life back to Beirut” concert, Downtown.
Summer Fusion
Rockin’ The Woods
Seyhan Tour Boat (Turkey)
Der el Qamar Festival
Hamra Festivals
United Nations Lebanon
L’oreal (New product launching)
Beta –Annual Festivals
Villa Sursok
and many more!