Interview with Nathalie Jeha from BandAge

Nathalie Jeha
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  • Interview with Nathalie Jeha from BandAge
  • The 2010 comeback seems to be the slogan of this anticipated BandAge performance at Nova, especially since the word comeback applies to Nova as well, for its renewed engagement in rock but most noticeably metal. How do you expect things to go for you?
BandAge 1st appearance took place back in 2004.Roland Azar (keyboard player & co-founder) and I gathered up a perfect line up and started the band at a time when Rock Music was at peak!We had many successful gigs and performed at effective pubs (including Nova Club) and outdoors activities.Like any other bands we had our ups and downs, stopped performing for a while but never gave up on the dream.2008-2009 were simply rocking with another great line up and good friends of mine.Now, in 2010 BandAge has become more mature (as I like to define it) with the great support and previous experiences of the new musicians (new line up)
Nova Club and its supportive management, has always been “the place” for live entertainment and the home of the Lebanese Rock, Blues, Jazz and even Metal scene. Not to forget that all Lebanese bands started their musical career from Nova Club.And now with its new appearance, I consider it one of the best places in town, with its remarkable sound system as well.I am not a fan of the “Gemmayzeh” world! Hehe call me “classical” but, I do prefer to perform at places where quality music and musicians are appreciated and esteemed.
  • Tell us more about the new band line-up which the band seems excited about.
Let me introduce the new line up first:Roland Azar- Keyboards & backing vocals.Tony Abi Haydar- Drums & percussionRany Batikh- Bass guitarAnd BandAge’s Godfather, Issam Abed El Nour- Lead guitar These musicians have it all. The spirit, the passion, the motivation and the experience. I simply trust these people and share a beautiful-strong friendship with them as well.We are family! I believe that this is another good reason to any band’s success.Issam Abed El Nour has added years and years of his musical career experiences to BandAge, which is why, I define the band and categorize now it as “Mature”


  • What will fans expect to hear at this show? (Covers, originals, etc)
BandAge’s fans are pure Rock fans! And I would like to salute them for that! They are well musically educated and expect nothing but the best from BandAge, we never let them down!We will be playing “covers” from the memorable past all the way into the near future!It’s all about the quality! And that’s our target, to cover and tribute most of the well known bands that we grew up to.I am working on my original material as we speak and on daily basis. I like to take my time when it comes to my own material. I aim for perfection and quality. These qualifications need time. I’m not in a hurry.However, I will make sure to keep you posted and update you when I’m ready.
  • Any last words for possible attendees of the event and for the rockscene in general?
I would like to thank all our fans, friends and rock heads. I want to thank BandAge for their hard work and motivation!Thank you all for trusting in me. Thank you LebMetal! Keep up the amazing work!See you on Saturday! Make sure to be fully energetic! And allow me to Rock your world!
  • Event Details
2004 Was The Beginning
2006 Was The Progression
2009 Was Simply Rocking
2010 Is The Come Back!
  • Nathalie Jeha |Lead Vocals Roland Azar |Keyboard & backing vocals Issam A. El Nour|Lead GuitarRany Batikh |Bass GuitarTony A. Haydar |Drums & PercussionBandAge Will Bring Rock Back To Town. Covering Songs Form The Memorable Past All The Way Into The Near Future!Gather Up All You Rock Fans Out There, For This Coming Saturday Will Be Exceptional!
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